Have you ever had a favorite shaft break on you and were puzzled on which replacement shaft to get? Or you are looking for an alternative to the $200 it would cost to ship the club to the manufacturer?

The Wishon Shaft Bend Profile Software allows a true, scientific comparison of the overall flex and bend profile stiffness design of more than 2500 different graphite and steel shafts for far more accurate shaft fitting and shaft selection.

Bend Prog

Most golfers do not know that there is no golf industry standard for shaft flex.  Each shaft maker and golf club company is free to determine their own stiffness for each of the letter shaft flex codes of L, A, R, S and X.  As a result, the R flex from one company can be as stiff as the A flex or S flex from another company.  If you have ever bought a new club with a shaft of the same letter flex as the club you were used to playing and noticed a difference in the shaft’s stiffness, you now know the reason is because of this complete lack of shaft standards in the golf industry.

With TWGT’s proprietary Shaft Bend Profile Software, the stiffness design of more than 2500 different wood, iron and hybrid shafts can be seen in a graph format with actual numerical stiffness measurements for each position along the full length of each shaft.  The software allows you to overlay any number of individual shaft graphs on top of each other so you can see exactly how much the stiffness of the selected shafts differs, and where on the shaft the stiffness differs.

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