Probably the most talked about equipment innovation in 2016. Sterling Irons® is a brand of single length irons co-created by the legendary PGA of America Professional Jaacob Bowden and golf industry club design icon Tom Wishon. Using their vast experience and the latest in research, testing methods, and technology, Tom and Jaacob have created what many believe is the greatest set of irons ever made.

As opposed to conventional progressive lengths in which each club has a different weight and requires a different setup and swing, single length irons allow you to make the same swing with the same feel from the same setup…each and every time.

  • Same stance
  • Same posture
  • Same swing
  • Same ball position
  • Same weight
  • Same lie angle
  • Improves consistency
  • Lower scores





However, single length irons in general have historically been too long of length, weren’t USGA legal, had un-conforming grooves, offered minimal custom fitting options, didn’t look that nice, and had trajectory and distance gapping problems. This has all changed with the creation of Sterling Irons®.

















“I’ve been playing the single length Sterling irons since July 2016 and I can tell you that it is the most consistent irons I have ever hit!” – Jacques

Check out the Q & A from Tom Wishon…

Information and Q&A  About Single Length Irons












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