Full bag fitting

The Club Maker Full Bag Fitting Service includes a combination of our Driver, Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and Putter fitting services. The fitting is made over two sessions and you can expect the results listed below.


By using video swing analysis, Skytrak launch monitor and extensive inventory of test clubs, we can determine the proper length, loft, shaft profile, total weight, swing weight (MOI), face angle and grip size necessary for more consistent shots.

​Player benefits

Proper length, shaft flex, and club weight allows you to hit the center of the clubface (sweet spot) more consistently.  Centre hits generate greater ball speed, more distance with better accuracy.  By optimizing launch angle (loft) you will maximize distance.  We won’t put any clubs in your bag that you don’t use regularly and cannot hit solidly.


By using Video Swing Analysis, Doppler radar and an extensive inventory of test clubs, we can determine the proper length, loft and lie angle, shaft profile and grip size necessary for more consistent shots.

​Player benefits

With the proper length and lie angle, you will be able to hit the sweet spot more often, gaining consistency in distance and accuracy.  With the proper weight and flex for a player, we can build a frequency-matched set of irons/hybrids which will allow the player to more easily repeat the same swing.  An adjustment in a lie will allow the player to hit the ball closer to the target.  By having the correct set makeup we make sure each of your hits with your irons and hybrids has distinctively different distances with even gaps in distance between them.


65% of golf shots are hit from within 100 yards.  Next to the putter, wedges are considered by many as the second most important group of clubs in the bag to have custom-fit when it comes to the number at the bottom of the scorecard. Having the best combination of wedges is imperative.  A proper lie angle is a major fitting factor.  Loft can be adjusted for proper distance gapping.  Sole width and bounce angles are recommended to best suit the region you live in and/or courses you play. ​

Player benefits

By customizing wedges, you can improve your distance control and hit more greens, reducing your score.


The putter is the most overlooked club in the bag. Most players are not completely aware of the benefits of purchasing a custom-fit putter or customizing their own. 30% to 40% of your total score is made with your putter. 75% of golfers play with a putter that is the wrong length, weight and balance point.

Player benefits:

A putter that is custom-fitted for weight, lie and loft will consistently roll the ball straighter with better distance control and with less tendency to skid or bounce off the intended line. ​Improved aim and distance control equals more 2-putts and 1-putts.


Cost: $185.00 (plus GST)

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