Jacques Lavack Golf offers expertise in custom fitting, repairs/alterations, and training.

Jacques is a Class A Member with the PGA of Canada and a Class A Clubmaker, certified by the Professional Clubmakers’ Society. With him, you get the best of both worlds… true custom fitting and instruction. Sometimes your equipment is causing swing faults or ill-fitted clubs are making it hard to improve. He can assess how your equipment is affecting your game.

PGA of Canada Class A Teaching Professional and PCS Class A Clubmaker

Let’s Improve Your Game

Everyone is different. We’ll improve the golf swing you already have and make it better and more consistent. 

Custom Fit Clubs

Regardless of your ability, properly fitted clubs can help you. Book a consultation or a club-fitting with Jacques.

Repairs, Alterations and Retro-Fitting

Re-gripping, re-shafting, bending for lie/loft, shortening or lengthening…whatever your needs are, contact us.

Authorized Distributor of Tom Wishon Golf Products

Tom Wishon is a golf club designer and researcher. While he has been offered the chance to head up golf club design for some of the largest golf club companies in the world, he has chosen to remain within the lesser-known segment of the golf equipment industry that focuses on fitting golfers one at a time and building their golf clubs from high-quality clubhead, shaft and grip component designs. During his career, he has designed more original golf clubhead models than any other person in the 500-year history of the game.

EQ1-NX Single Length Irons

719 MW – Driver

585PC Progressive
Cavity Irons

927HS Fairways &
797HS Hybrids

More from Tom Wishon

I went to see Jacques when my old equipment started to hinder my golf game. He spent the time to truly fit my equipment to my game and it has made a huge difference. In fact, all my clubs are now Wishon clubs and I would never go back to the big name companies’ equipment.

– Marty P.

In my opinion, any golfer interested in maximizing his or her potential and enjoyment of golf should pay Jacques a visit. His expert knowledge of both golf clubs and the golf swing has much to offer golfers of all abilities and has been a very valuable resource for me. I have no doubt that my experience with Jacques has made me a better player.

– Michael W

Hi Jacques; We went golfing on Friday morning, Carol using the clubs you sold her, she scored 56 on the front nine, the lowest yet this year( mostly 62 to 65). I think she likes the clubs. Thank you.

– Bob

“Just thought i would write a short note and tell you that my clubs are working great.”

– Allan W.

Thanks Jacques. Am doing pretty good. Have been struggling with the long ball a little lately, but the video has helped me focus on steadying my head and have slowed my back swing. Seems to be making a huge differance

– Richard S.

Hey Jacques, thanks for the lesson Saturday morning. I just want to let you know that although I have to work on my direction when it comes to aiming (and my chipping may need a lesson ) i did manage 3 birdies and 3 pars at shooters on Sunday. Every shot was clean and i cannot be happier with your coaching. And I defeated my friend with ease for the first time ever on that coarse. Can’t wait to try out my driver on a real coarse. I will practise what you taught me at the driving range and I’m sure I’ll continue to win. Please send video of practise drills. Thanks Jacques!

– Dave M.

Just to let you know the clubs are working out great. After a couple of rounds and some practise with them and getting used to the new ball positioning you suggested I shot 78 at Steinbach yesterday. Can’t remember the last time I broke 80. Thanks for everthing.

– Wayne M.

I sure notice how much less power I need to make a good shot.  With my corrected swing, I can sometimes even feel the club “flex”, and the clubhead comes around to make contact with the ball – letting the club do the work instead of forcing it with my arms.  Instantly gained 50 plus yards on a very light swing.  Simply better mechanics. So cool!

Now just need to do it consistently, and become more used to/fluid with the new swing.
The grip and set up makes so much sense and feel so natural, it is already second nature.  Still need to work on my targeting – have to get some of those poles! Signed up for the 3-week ladies session, so I will continue working on everything. Thanks again!

-Michelle W.

Truly felt Jacques was there to help and not just sell a product. Thanks for your time.

– Customer feedback from Square transaction

My clubs were ready as scheduled and an awesome tutorial on the range was so much appreciated! Excellent in every way. Thanks!!

– Customer feedback from Square transaction

Hello Jacques, 
It’s been a bit of a learning curve but I played in Transcona today,
 I was hitting them deeply and never missed a fairway!

– Gary L.

Hi Jacques, Thank you for the lesson the other day. My pitching and chipping have really improved! Still struggling with the drive, but will keep working on it.

Cheers, Glenn

Hi Jacques, Just thought I would let you know that after having those irons ( 9 and wedge and 56 degrees) opened up 1 more degree flat, I shot my age.  That would be 70.

On the front nine, I had 7 birdie putts under 20 feet. Only made two though. Thanks again for a great set of irons.

– Al

Hi Jacques. I want to tell you that I am enjoying the clubs. I am using the 4 hybrid and am hitting well with it. I have increased the distance with all of my clubs. I particularly am enjoying the wedge which I have never played before. Thanks again.


I learned so much great information in just one golf lesson! 👍


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