Jacques’ teaching philosophy


  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer who wants to take it to the next level we keep it simple and fun.
  • Everyone is different so there isn’t one swing for all golfers. We’ll improve the golf swing you already have, make it better and more consistent.
  • We teach basic fundamentals that are easy to learn or adapt to: grip, posture, balance, ball position, distance from the ball, alignment and pre-shot routine.
  • Every student gets a video swing analysis which is sent via email with comments and drills for improvement.

Jacques is a Class A Member with the PGA of Canada and a Class A Clubmaker, certified by the Professional Clubmakers’ Society.  With him, you get the best of both worlds.

Sometimes your equipement is causing swing faults or ill-fitted clubs are making it hard to improve.

Jacques can assess how your equipment is affecting your game.


(GST is extra)

Private Lessons

Single Lesson:

  • 45 minutes – $90

1:1 Student/instructor ratio
Designed to be a refresher and tune-up session, focusing on a specific skill development.

Coaching Packages: (60 minutes per session)

  • 4 sessions – $340.00
  • 10 sessions – $799.00 (once a week or at your convenience)

*Sessions may be combined towards a playing lesson.

1:1 Student/Instructor ratio

A comprehensive program designed to accommodate any level of player and to create lasting improvements. Programs include: introduction to theory, practice/training techniques, optional on-course playing (green fee extra); strategy and skill development..


Group Lessons

Designed for two people.

Grab your partner and learn together. (60 minutes each)

  • 1 hour session – $135.00
  • 4 sessions – $475.00

Designed to meet the needs of all golfers. Fundamentals, skill development and individual video analysis will be emphasized.

Group Instruction Package:

(3 – 6 players)

4 sessions (60 minutes each)

  • 3 players – $199 ea.
  • 4 players – $179 ea.
  • 5 players – $169 ea
  • 6 players – $155 ea.

6:1 Student/Instructor ratio (max)
This program is designed to accommodate any level of player and create lasting improvements.. Fundamentals and skill development is emphasized in a group atmosphere and individual video analysis is offered.

Junior Lessons

Call Jacques @ 204-470-3262 for more information and a quote.

Playing Lessons

“What do you get out of a golf course playing lesson and is it worth it?”

I think it is just as important as having lessons only on the driving range unless, of course, you are a beginner. Sometimes swing improvements on the practice range don’t translate into lower scores on the golf course. If you’re struggling to improve your scores then a playing lesson can make a huge difference in lowering your scores.

I will be your caddy for the round and keep track of your stats on each hole. The stats include:

  • Fairways hit,
  • Greens in regulation (GIR)
  • Putts
  • Up and downs
  • Club selection
  • Proximity to the hole
  • Penalties
  • Score

I will also use video analysis during the round.

I will determine if:

  • There is a pattern to your misses.
  • Do your misses occur in the wrong areas making it more difficult getting up-and-down.
  • Why are you getting more than 2 putts per green
  • You have a consistent pre-shot routine.
  • Club selection costing you strokes.
  • You are evaluating all the conditions before selecting a club
  • Your mental state is helping or harming.
  • Your short game is costing you strokes and how many.

I also use the stats to plan any future lessons.

The lesson begins with supervised warm-up and concludes with an after play range lesson.

If you’re serious about improving your game and getting more enjoyment out of golf a playing lesson is well worth it.

Play & Learn (3 hours) $230.00
Additional Student $75.00

* Green fee is extra

The lesson begins with supervised warm-up and concludes with an after play range lesson.

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