Regardless of your ability, properly fitted clubs can help you.

Hit straighter, longer and more consistent shots. By matching the proper club specifications to your swing, we can help reduce or eliminate undesirable shot patterns like hooks, slices and off-centre hits, allowing you to play closer to your full potential and make the game more enjoyable. Using the latest technology, we can determine the proper length, shaft flex, total weight, swing weight (MOI), loft and face angle necessary for longer, straighter and more consistent shots.

Player benefit:

  • Helping you generate more centre hits generate greater ball speed, more distance with better accuracy.
  • By optimizing launch angle, the player will maximize distance.
  • We will not sell you a club that you don’t use regularly or need.



  • We talk about your golfing history, likes, dislikes and goals.


  • Starting with your currents clubs we establish a base-line. In other words, what do the majority of your shots look like…distance, trajectory, shot shape, deviation from centre, etc.
  • From there we use video, launch monitor and demo testing to arrive at the best head, shaft and grip combination for your swing.
  • You receive a print-out of the fitting results and club specifications and cost of each club. We will not sell you a club that you don’t use regularly or need.


  • Equally important to the Fitting, is the building. We will build your set one club at a time to match exactly the test clubs that produced the best results. The clubs have to be built right to get the benefits of a good fitting.

What Does Custom Fitting Actually Do?

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