Driver and fairway wood fitting

(1 to 1 1/2 hours)

By using video swing analysis, Skytrak launch monitor and extensive inventory of test clubs, we can determine the proper length, loft, shaft flex, total weight, swing weight (MOI), face angle and grip size necessary for more consistent shots

​Player benefit:

  • Centre hits generate greater ball speed, more distance with better accuracy.
  • By optimizing the launch angle, the player will maximize distance.
  • We will not sell you a club that you don’t use regularly or need.
  • With the proper face angle, you can reduce or even eliminate slices and hooks allowing you to hit more fairways.

The process:

1. We will have a brief interview to determine your goals and playing history.

2. ​You are measured for club length and grip size.

  • Your swing is analyzed using the Skytrak Launch Monitor and video camera.

3. We then use Tom Wishon’s “shaft to swing” shaft-fitting software to determine the correct shaft.  Attention is given to:

  • Swing speed (the speed at which the clubhead is traveling)
  • Tempo (the pace of your swing)
  • Wrist-cock release position (the point in you swing where the wrists unhinge)
  • Downswing transition (smooth, average, forceful)
  • Your physical strength (below average, average or above average)

4. You are now ready to be tested with various shaft/clubhead combinations to determine which club specification can optimize performance.

5. Set makeup is recommended.  For example, one, two or more fairway woods ranging from #2 to #15 wood.

6. Determinations are made regarding your existing set of woods. Options are given for retro-fitting or recommendations are made to purchase new clubs.

7. Before building your new set, a test club will be made to confirm our recommendations and fine-tune for the correct swing weight.

8. You receive printouts of the testing session and recommendations for optimal specifications.

9. You can pick up your new clubs usually within 14 days.


Cost: $90.00 (plus GST)

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