Winter Practice Tips 1

Winter Practice Tips 2

Here are some practice drills you can do indoors during the winter months .

Proper tempo is such an important part of putting. Developing the proper tempo will help your distance control. Distance control is the most important aspect of putting.

Putting Tempo PracticeSimply download a free metronome app on your smartphone. I
would suggest starting at 70 beats and increase or decrease the tempo until you find your comfort zone. Do this a couple of minutes every day and see your score drop!!

Place two coins (same size) on each side of the ball. Make sure they are barely touching the ball. Take your set-up…you should see the same amount of coin on each side of the ball. If you don’t, that means your eyes are not directly over the ball.

Putting Practice Tips

Golf practice swingIf an indoor driving range is not an option, get one of these practice clubs. Alternately, get an old club cut down and have a training grip installed. Adding weight to it is even better. Make sure it’s short…you don’t want to hit the ceiling. Swing it 100 times without hitting any balls as often as possible. Practice each swing as if it were the real thing. Focus on maintaining balance. This drill will help your grip, strength (if the club is weighted), flexibility and swing mechanics.

Check out this video from the golf channel.

Golf show video

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