929HS Fairway Woods Win 2013 Golf Digest Hot List Distinction

For the 4th time, a Wishon Golf design has been selected as a recipient of the Golf Digest magazine Hot List award.  For 2013, the 929HS fairway woods were selected because of their high COR semi-shallow face and soft stainless hosel which allows a wide range of lie and face angle fitting adjustment.



929HS Fairway Woods

Shallow Face, High COR Face Design for Distance with Ease of Playability 
New Soft Stainless Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Fitting



  • 304 Stainless Steel Hosel is separately welded to the body to enable ease in bending for a wide range of custom lie and face angle bending (+/-4*).
  • 31mm Shallow Face Height is ideal for golfers who play off firm, short grass fairways orfor golfers who need more confidence getting the ball well up to fly.
  • HS 350 High Strength Steel Thin Face allows for a high COR for increased ball speed and superb off center hit performance.
  • Reduced Face-to-Back Sole Width reduces the sole to ground contact for more consistent contact with the ball, even from the rough.
  • Available in RH in #2 (12°), #3 (14°), #4 (16.5°), #5 (18°), and #7 (21.5°). The 929HS are in development in LH for 2012.



How can we assure golfers of the quality of Tom Wishon golf technology designs?

  • Tom remains the ONLY designer in the 40-year history of the component clubmaking industry whose original club head designs have been used to win on the PGA Tour and in Ryder Cup competition. He has designed custom clubs Scott Verplank, Bruce Lietzke, Ben Crenshaw and had the honor of creating the last set of custom clubs used in competition by the late, great Payne Stewart.
  • Tom Wishon has served for 13 years on the Golf Digest Technical Panel, is the Technical Advisor to the PGA of America’s web site www.pga.com, and is a consultant for design, material and manufacturing expertise for two of the golf industry’s leading clubhead production foundries.
  • Prior to making the decision to start his own original component design company, Tom was offered the opportunity to head up all R&D for one of the golf industry’s largest and most respected standard-made golf equipment companies. Tom turned down the opportunity because he strongly believed the very BEST golf equipment can only come from true professionally fit and built custom clubs.
  • TWGT clubhead designs are produced to our exacting standards by production foundries who manufacture heads for companies such as Callaway, Nike, Taylor Made, Mizuno, to name a few. Two of these factories are the companies for which Tom offers his expertise as a consultant so he is more closely involved in the total design and production process of his designs than is almost any other equipment designer in the golf business.
  • No other component clubmaking company comes close to the technical background and qualifications that support each original TWGT design. No company in the world offers the depth, quality and quantity of truthful up-to-date technical information about every aspect of golf club design and fitting

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