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Winter is a great time to improve your putting. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Courtney Mahon, a teaching professional at Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Golf Academy at the Raven Golf course in Phoenix, AZ. I highly recommend Courtney for a lesson if you are in the area. They have a beautiful teaching facility with all the latest technology to help you improve your game.


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My putting improved immediately when I changed my posture. Courtney observed that I didn’t quite look comfortable at address. I thought I was comfortable but in reality I was bent over too much. So, without a ball, just take the most comfortable posture you can and make sure your arms are hanging naturally from your body. Note where your putter head rests and place a ball at that spot.  Your eyes should be over the ball or slightly inside…never past the ball. Now, if you can’t do this because your putter is too long or short, get it fitted!

Tempo and Rhythm

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What is the difference between the two?

Tempo is the pace…it’s either fast, slow or someplace in between. There isn’t really a better pace. Everyone walks at a different pace according to their make-up. Rickie Fowler has a quick tempo and Fred Couples has a slow tempo, but they both have good rhythm.

Rhythm describes the order in which the parts of your swing move.  Is the movement synchronized? For example you can dance the waltz or the swing in rhythm or out of rhythm. You can tell when someone is dancing out of rhythm!

Here is a winter drill to develop good rhythm and tempo… Courtney calls it the 1-2-3-4 drill. I love this drill and practice it at home.

  • Take your stance with a ball. Aim at something about 3 paces away.
  • Say “ready” then “one” (on the count of one take the putter back)
  • Say two…(contact with the ball)
  • Say three…(keep your eyes on that spot)
  • Say four…(look at the target)

You will be counting at a pace and rhythm you are comfortable with. This drill not only helps you develop tempo and rhythm but helps you keep your eyes on the ball and avoid excess body movement. And you will sink more putts!

If you would like to keep your swing grooved over the winter, I will be teaching at the Golf Dome Tuesday’s from 1:00pm to 6:30pm. Call me at 204-470-3262.

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