Last week I had the pleasure of being involved in Vine Multimedia‘s team-building activity, which was a group golf lesson (that’s me discussing Joseph’s swing with him in the above photo.)

One of the things I’ll do during a lesson is to take a video of the student’s swing and play it back to them with commentary so they can see what I’m referring to when we’re having our lesson and Joseph was kind enough to let me share the videos I made for him.

Below you can see a video where I’m discussing his early, post-instruction swing with him:

As the lesson progressed, I used video samples of his swing before and after he had received instructions from me so that Joseph was able to see what I meant when I was giving him tips.

By teaching him in this way, he was also able to see the difference that following my advice made in his posture and swing. 

This was really important because it provided him with visual aids to compare while we were having our lesson, and provided him with material to refer back to the next time he’s on the course.

I had a great time with the Vine team that afternoon and hope they come back for another lesson soon! You can read about their experience here.

If  you’re interested in lessons -group or private- you can sign up here, or give me a shout at 204-470-3262 if you’d like to chat.

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