I’ve been playing the single length irons for about 3 weeks now (4 months if you’re reading this in Dec!) and I am completely sold on them. Here’s why:

My main concern when I heard that the single length irons would be built to an 8 iron length (or 7 iron for taller golfers) was will I be able to get the same distance with the Sterling 5 iron as with my regular 5 iron. The result was an astounding YES!…and with more consistency. On average I get more distance (7-10 yds.) with my 5, 6, 7 iron because I hit the sweet spot more often (shorter length) and because of the hot high C.O.R. face… I get 5-10 more yards with the 9, PW, AW because they are slightly longer.

By the way, you have an option of a 5 hybrid or 5 iron single length

Other benefits:

  • You always set up  the same distance from the ball
  • Same ball position with all irons
  • Same swing and swing plane
  • Same posture
  • Same shaft weight, total weight, swingweight
  • Same balance point to offer the same exact swing feel for each club
  • Same lie angle on all irons

Down side:   

Some golfers find it hard to adjust to the shorter length 5,6 irons or to the longer wedges (36.5” opposed to 36” or 35.5”)

I haven’t felt this excited about a new club design for a long time.


Bryson DeChambeau — winner of the 2015 U.S. Amateur and NCAA Men’s Individual Golf Championships and recently turned professional — plays with a unique set of irons and wedges that all measure the same length.

Here is a great review of the Sterling Single Length Irons by Mark Crossfield! Check it out…

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