Having begun his golf equipment career in 1972, Tom Wishon has designed over 300 original and innovative clubhead models, more than any other single person in the 500 year history of the game. His clubhead designs represent more than 50 different technology firsts.

Jim Achenbach, equipment editory for Golfweek magazine has said, “Tom is the smartest person in the golf industry when it comes to golf clubs.”

Sterling Single Length Irons

There is a lot of buss in the industry about the new Sterling single length irons by Tom Wishon Golf Technology. The Sterling Single Length irons is destined to be one of the most interesting, and most exciting and unique sets ever offered to golfers though custom clubmakers. Perhaps the best known introduction of a single length set of golf clubs was the former Tommy Armour Golf Company’s release of their EQL single length woods and irons in 1989. The concept of single length irons received a huge boost in general awareness from the publicity of amateur golfer Bryson deChambeau’s victories in both the USA National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and US Amateur championships in 2015 using a single length set of irons. There were some pit-falls with the original single length sets. Here’s how Wishon has overcome the downside and find out how you can benefit from a single length set… >> Read more and check the video.

565MC Forged Carbon Steel Irons


For players who are drawn to the shape, style and feel of a forged carbon steel iron but know and accept the need for the best off center hit performance possible within a traditional iron, Wishon Golf’s all new 565MC are sure to become one of the best performing and best looking irons in the entire game.

Fully forged from carbon steel billet, the 565’s are raw forged with a flat, plain back – then fully CNC machined to create the entire back cavity and rear weight distribution. This is Wishon Golf’s proprietary way to combine the traditional nature of a true carbon steel forging with a level of off center hit forgiveness not achieved in any other company’s forged iron model.

For more specific information on the 565MC forged carbon steel irons, >> click here

365PF Fairway Woods


Drawing upon Wishon Golf’s knowledge and experience in metallurgy, the new 365PF woods are investment cast from an all new 420THC stainless steel alloy, yet deliver a higher smash factor for higher ball speed and distance than any other all investment cast stainless steel wood. On top of that, the 365PF also possesses Wishon Golf’s bendable hosel technology to offer clubmakers that same +/-4* range in lie and face angle fitting, delivered by every other TWGT wood and hybrid. And all for the price of a standard 2-piece investment cast fairway wood.

Key to the 365PF design is the progressive profile shape of the heads. #3 and 4 woods are traditional fairway wood profile, then from the #5 to 7 to 9, the profile shape and size slightly decreases to not only better match shape and size with the loft, but to enable the 5, 7 and 9 woods to be fit and built as hybrids at hybrid length if desired.

For more specific information on the 365PF Fairway Woods, >> click here.

S2S Blue 55 Hybrid Shafts

whatsnew4In response to clubmaker requests for a lighter weight hybrid shaft to fit to smoother swinging, slower clubhead speed players, the new S2S Blue 55 Hybrid graphite shafts will enable clubmakers to offer the lightest total weight in a hybrid club design for players who prefer and have a tempo that best matches with a very light total weight hybrid.

Available in AA (L), A and R flexes.


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