Most everyone knows that the golf swing involves a transfer of weight from the backside on the back swing to the front side on the through swing. But the efficient transfer of weight does not come by swaying from the backside to the front side (target side) but from coiling and uncoiling.  One of the swing faults I see the most is the body swaying instead of coiling. This leads to inconsistent shot making such as  “fat shots” (hitting the ground before the ball; topping; loss of power.  As you can see in the diagram the weight sways to the outside of the back foot instead of over the foot. Ok, so you understand the concept but you say Jacques, how do I actually do it?

Try these tips;

  • Turn your right hip back (for right handed golfers). Feel like the hip is moving backwards towards the right heel. Make sure to keep your posterior out and don’t straighten up.
  • Feel the weight inside your right leg at the top of your back swing
  • Don’t over-rotate or try to reach too far on the back swing. If your lead arm (left arm for righties) doesn’t go past parallel to the ground that’s ok.

    drill 1

Here are three drills you can try to reduce or eliminate the amount of swaying.

drill 2

1. You can skip the basketball on this one. Take your swing posture. Cross your arms over your chest. Place a golf ball in the normal position. Make a backswing while keeping your eye on the ball. If your hips bump into the wall you are swaying.

drill 3

2. Place a ball or a wedge of some kind under your back foot and make a back swing. This should help reduce the swaying.

drill 4

3. Take ½ swings with your feet together. If you sway you’ll fall over…

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