So you top the ball…you’re not alone. That is one of the most common complaints I hear from golfers.

One cause of topping is that your levels change prior to impact. That is, once you address the ball (providing you have the proper set-up position) you have a certain angle you’ve established with your back or spine…say 30º. If this angle changes and becomes more upright before you hit the ball you will most certainly come in contact with the ball at the equator or above or even worst,  “whiff” it completely. ( you could always say you were taking a practice swing.)

Solution: “less is more.” The harder you try to swing, the better the chances you will loose your levels. Soooo…

Swing within yourself. Start with your grip; don’t try to extract grip juice when you hold on to the club. Do a waggle before you start your backswing to relieve some of the tension in the hands and wrists. You should get a sensation that the club is “heavy”. If the club feels light you’re gripping too hard.

Image 8-30-13 at 4.35 PM

Relax your arms and shoulders too.

Remember to breath. Try starting your backswing while exhaling.

Another reason golfers top the ball is that the elbows separate prior to or at impact.  This reduces the distance you had to the ball at address and the result is topping. Feel your right forearm touching your left forearm just after impact (for right handed golfers ). Or visualize catching rain drops with your left hands after contact with the ball. Imagine extension.

If you loose your spine angle pre-maturely, focus on your right shoulder. Keep right shoulder low through impact. And finish the swing with a slight tilt of body. Notice how the right shoulder stays low in the middle picture.



Now, go play a round and let me know if that helps!

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