You putt pretty well but somehow can’t seem to roll the ball where you are aiming. 

“It’s straight in,” you think.  “Can’t possibly miss this one.”  But indeed you can.

I would estimate that at least 80% of tour players either draw a line or use a line already printed on their ball. I personally draw lines on my balls. I went to the store and got the little clip-on stencil tool to draw the line with a permanent marker.  I have seen an improvement in my putting.


Procedure: Draw a straight line around the equator of your golf ball with a permanent marker.  After you mark your golf ball on the green, replace it on the green by aligning the golf ball line with the line on your putter. If your putter doesn’t have a line get one that does.

Why it works:  Since the rules of golf allow you to mark and clean the golf ball on the putting green take advantage of the opportunity to aim the golf ball on your line.  The visual aid of the golf ball line makes it easier to hit your putts on your intended line, and avoid a swiping or hooking motion that puts sidespin on your ball.  Your putter surely has some sort of alignment aid on it.

Use this technique on the tee as well…when you tee it up aim the line down the fairway or towards your target on par 3’s.

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