Considering all of the many differences between men & women, it’s not surprising that this is a question that is asked frequently: “Do women have a different golf stroke than men?” The answer, however, is surprisingly simple.

There is no such thing as gender or age when it comes to fitting golfers. There are only golfers with differences in their size, strength, and athletic ability.

The first step in finding the right club for you is to GET YOUR SWING SPEED MEASURED, because everything starts there. First, if your swing speed is 70 mph or lower with the woods, don’t even think about using a standard driver/#1 wood unless the loft is 15 degrees or higher. If you can’t find a driver with that much loft, use a fairway wood with 16 to 18 degrees of loft as your tee shot club. Better yet, come a see us and get fitted for a oversize 15 degree driver that is much more forgiving than a fairway wood.

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