Putting represents from 40 to 50% of your total score. Think of it…on a par 4 you are allowed two strokes to get to the green and two putting strokes to get the ball into the hole. It is very difficult for me (impossible in most cases) to get an average golfer to hit the ball 300 yards and straight…but I can help you lower your score by 3 to 5 strokes or more by improving your putting. First make sure your eyes are over the ball. I find most golfers position their eyes too far on the inside, that is, somewhere between their feet and the ball. So when you turn your head to line up the putt you are not seeing the line the ball should take. A common problem is putter length. I would estimate that 80% of golfers are playing with putters that are too long. A long putter forces you to stand further back thus preventing you from seeing the true line. Another problem a long putter causes is that you are forced to bend your elbows too much which makes using a pendulum motion more difficult. If you want to lower your score immediately get a lesson and a putter fitting!

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