Wedge Fitting

Next to the putter, wedges are considered by many as the second most important group of clubs in the bag to have custom-fit when it comes to the number at the bottom of your scorecard.​

65% of golf shots are hit from within 100 yards – having the best combination of wedges is imperative. Proper lie angle is a major fitting factor.  Loft can be adjusted for proper distance gapping. Sole width and bounce angles are recommended to best suit the region players live in and/or course they play.​

​Player benefit

By customizing wedges, you can become more consistent with distance control.

The process:

  1. ​We will start with a brief interview to determine your goals and preferences.
  2. You are measured for grip size.  The proper grip size will hep in controlling the club head.
  3. Your 9 iron is measured for length.  Your new wedges have to fit into your current system.
  4. ​Your 9 iron is measured for swing weight.  Your pitching and gap wedges should be 1 to 2 swing weights heavier than the 9 iron.  The sand and lob wedges should be 2 to 3 swing weights heavier than the other wedges.
  5. ​Using the Zelocity Launch Monitor (Doppler radar) we measure carry distances with your current clubs.  A recommendation is made for the correct wedges to achieve regular distance gaps.
  6. The correct lie angle is confirmed by using impact labels and hitting balls off a lie board.
  7. You receive printouts of the testing session and recommendations for optimal performance.
  8. ​You can pick up your new clubs usually within 10 days.

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